Deliver powerful listings for your high-traffic site using feeds

If you want to optimize your site with the latest deals or pull a large volume of listings into your site or mobile app, we’ve got you covered. Our feeds are a great fit for high-volume sites, and many partners use these solutions (separately or together) to provide a highly customized experience for their audience:


Dynamic Feed Generator


Create a trackable RSS feed URL that provides dynamic eBay listing content on your site. Optimize your site simply and quickly, by filtering real-time listings based on occurrence (such as daily, weekly), commissionable deals (US & CA), as well as variables such as listing date and price. You can also use this data to build customized ads for your site.


Explore the Dynamic Feed Generator Quick Start Guide


Data Feed


Enables our largest partners to download Data Feed files containing millions of live eBay listings. You can cache the listings on your own system, and scale to deliver high-volume applications such as deals sites, loyalty programs, shopping comparison platforms, and large portals.


Explore the Data Feed Quick Start Guide

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