With our diverse selection and unbeatable prices on trending products from today’s top tech brands, it’s no surprise that a smartphone is purchased every five seconds on eBay with a TV, video, or home audio item purchased every three seconds.


Whether your shoppers are anxiously awaiting the hottest new release or they’re looking to score a deal on accessories, eBay Electronics is your best source of great deals for your tech campaigns.


Featuring exclusive deals on today’s most sought-after inventory from tech leaders – including Apple, HP, Samsung, and Sony – our Electronics Hub makes it easy for your shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for by brand and deep sub-category filters.


To help you capitalize on everything that’s happening in the world of tech, here are the top five best practices to earn with eBay Electronics:


Leverage the latest launches

The consumer tech industry moves at a rapid pace, but uniquely maintains the world’s attention every step of the way, from the first hint at a new release to its entrance into the retail landscape, the rise of its competitors, and even the evolution of the product itself.


Capture your shopper’s mindshare by riding the waves of product announcements, like the latest and upcoming iPhone. Did you know that on average, an iPhone or iPhone-related product is searched more than 175,000 times a day in eBay Electronics? With the annual launch of the newest model, we’re sure to see an increase in searches and sales. Drive revenue by encouraging your buyers to snag the most recent releases on eBay.


Use eBay seller activity to your advantage

Your opportunities aren’t limited to new releases. When new models hit the market, a large segment of buyers set their sights on legacy versions at the best prices. Here is an example of the number of users searching for previous models:

  • iPhone 6 -- 50,000 searches/per day
  • iPhone 7 -- 47,000 searches/per day
  • iPhone 8 -- 27,000 searches/per day
  • iPhone X -- 25,000 searches/per day
  • iPhone 5 -- 10,000 searches/per day
  • iPhone 4 -- 2,000 searches/per day


Earn Big on Brand Fans

The manufacturers of today’s consumer technology don’t just have end-users, they have loyal followers that commit to using their favorite brand’s products. For example, many shoppers are looking forward to upgrading to the latest Apple Watch, just as much as the next iPhone. And, as the Apple community is placing their orders, competing brand loyalists aren’t far behind. Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Fossil and more are generating excitement among their own fans with compelling alternatives.



Upsell with Complementary Devices

Consumer tech companies often increase the profitability of a new release by requiring new accessories for each new product version, and you can, too. For instance, as buyers begin upgrading their phones in response to the new Apple launch, they’ll also need new accessories, including Bluetooth headphones, chargers, and cables and adapters. These are all available from the top brands on eBay, and often include special promotions around launch times.


Promote Pre-packaged Events Designed to Convert

eBay Electronics hosts irresistible events featuring unbeatable prices on top-selling inventory from noteworthy brands year-round. Capitalize on online shoppers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) by extending our events and promotions year-round.