Now it’s time to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and links. There are a several ways to review your performance, here are a few options:



"Performance By" Reports

You can run a performance report within your account that will show specific partner activity based on:

  • Campaign
  • Category
  • Checkout Site
  • Custom ID
  • Day Month
  • Tool
  • Top-Selling Item


Once you select the report type, you will have the opportunity to further refine your results to drill down to and find the information you need. Reports can be viewed on screen, emailed, or downloaded as needed. Learn more about these reports here.



Transaction Detail Report

The Transaction Detail report gives you crucial insight into campaign effectiveness and conversion rates. You can also create scripts that will download the report at regular intervals. Read more about the report here




Note on Timing

From the time a user follows your link into eBay, they have 24 hours to complete that purchase for you to get credited. Once they make the purchase, it can take up to 48 hours before transactions show up in your reports. So, if a user waits nearly that entire 24-hour cookie cycle before making a purchase, you may not see the transaction in your reports for nearly 72 hours from the time that initial link was followed.